Phi Delta Theta Missouri Eta

Phi Delta Theta at Missouri Western is currently made up of 40 active brothers.  Since our founding in 1994, we have reached 371 members. Each semester, we strive to initate a higher quality of brother than the previous.  In the past couple of years, we have seen growth like never before.  This influx of new and ambitious leaders has taken Phi Delt to new heights.  This past year,  Missouri Eta has received the 2016-17 Most Outstanding Fraternity Award for the second consecutive year and the chapter was also presented with the 2016-17 Glenn Marion Community Service Award by Missouri Western’s Student Government Association.  Each member works hard to reach their personal goals, while the chapter sets collective goals each semester.  For the eighth consecutive year, Phi Delta Theta has the highest GPA among all fraternities on campus.  At a 3.21 semester GPA & a 3.17 cumulative GPA, our chapter has the highest GPA in Greek Life.   With Sound Learning as one of our Cardinal Principles, education and classwork is a priority for each member.  Following the Spring ’17 semester, Missouri Eta was honored to have 12 brothers named to the President’s List (4.00 GPA) and another 5 brothers named to the Dean’s List (>3,50 GPA).



Along with the numerous chapter accomplishments this past year, our brothers have plenty of individual accomplishments were are proud of. On the outset of the 2016-17 academic year, we said good bye to brothers Alec Guy and Connor Samenus as our Student Government Association’s (SGA) President and Vice President, including 5 SGA Senators.  However newly elected SGA President and Phi Delt brother Kyle Fuson looks forward to a productive and exciting 2017-18.  He is accompanied by numerous SGA Exec Board members and Senators. We are also proud of brother Logan Zorn, who is IFC President. Brother Joseph Kellogg is another member who found his calling in SGA, being selected by Governor Jay Nixon himself to serve a two-year term as MWSU’s Student Governor.

Beyond those mentioned above, we have countless brothers involved in organizations all over campus, making the Phi Delt footprint on campus larger and more extensive than any other organization.  From Registration and Freshmen Orientation Leaders, to Honors organization members and Student Ambassadors, odds are you’ll find a Phi Delt involved no matter where you are on campus.